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Date: 4th July 2016
3.5" CCTV IPC Tester For IP Cameras (IPC3500)
3.5" CCTV IPC Tester for IP Cameras (IPC3500)Description:Video display for Analogue camera and ONVIF IP camera, built in video level meter, Analog and digital video signal output, PTZ control, Built-in WIFI, wireless network camera test, DC12V/1A power output for camera, IP address scan, Ping test, Port flashing, cable test etc, easy to operate (support more than 40 IP camera image test (Hikvision, Dahua,Honeywell, Samsung etc)Applications:1.?3.5 inch touch screen,480*320 resolution 2.?Capacitive touch screen ,OSD menu,3.?Touch screen and key operation4.?Built-in WIFI, wireless network camera test? 5.?Support 1080P camera6.?SDI camera test ?*Optional?SDI digital video surveillance testing, support resolution as follows:1280x720P 25Hz/1280x720P 30Hz/1280x720P 50Hz/1280x720P 60Hz/1920x1080P 25Hz/1920x1080P 30Hz/1920x1080I 50Hz/1920x1080I 60Hz7.?digital camera image test and video image zoom, record, screen snapshot, Photo viewer and playback8.?BNC input& output , both IP & Analog images could be zoomed in 1~4times and output9.?ONVIF/WIFI ,ONVIF PTZ control ,,built in WIFI to receive the network image and data10. If IP camera manufacturers can offer Video Management Software that compatible with mobile phone or tablet PC, install the Video ManagementSoftware in the tester enable the tester to display IP camera image by IP camera viewer11. Video screen snapshot ,video recording ,files named and save, easy to find12. Support network PTZ controller (ONVIF)13. MPEG4,H.264,,MJPEG/MJPG IP camera image test14. Support 1080P HD video files and MKV/MP4 media files play15. PTZ controller ,Photograph, Video record, Record playback16. Support genuine image display17. Video level meter, Video PEAK lever, SYNC level, COLOR BURST measurement?? Optional18. Optical Power Meter, it can measure the optical power value and fiber loss *(Optional)19. Visual fault locator , to test fiber?s bending and breakage * (Optional)20. TDR cable test, test cable length and short-circuit?? * (Optional)21.?Digital Multi-meter, Voltage, current, resistance and capacitance measuring, continuity testing, diode testing. (Optional)22. Color bar generator, analog video color bar and testing image output23. POE voltage measurement, PING test ,IP address scan, port flashing etc24. Audio in /out25. LED lamp, calculators, music players and other application tools26. Support customers self update softwa
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